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2004B-RBNC 50+ Reveal Beauty Night Care

At night it’s the best time to replenish the skin's density and fill in wrinkles. When you wake up, your skin is fully beaming.

Rich in Natura-Tec Plantsil™, a precious sensorial ingredient based on olive oil, and in Natura-Tec Marine BlueRevelation 50+™, a powerful cocktail of microalgae, this beneficial anti-wrinkle night cream works on all fronts to regenerate mature skin. Sleep becomes truly restorative. Upon awakening, the skin is smooth and wrinkles are filled.

With proven efficacy, Natura-Tec Marine BlueRevelation 50+™ provides an integrative approach to enhance mature skin beauty thanks to its remarkable anti ageing properties : moisturizing, firming, densifying, and smoothing 50+ skin.

Natural Origin Content ≥ 99% (incl. water, ISO 16128)


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