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The main objective of Natura-Tec is the constant pursuit to build

eco-awareness, develop natural, safe and effective biocompatible ingredients as well as stimulate growth towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Natura-Tec developed the B.E.S.T. protocol.

B.E.S.T. for “Beautiful Earth Sustainable Technology”

A strategy for the future of renewable and sustainable cosmetic chemistry. Throughout Natura-Tec, technologies which ensure consistent quality and purity combined with environmental compliance and minimal carbon footprint are constantly applied and developed to generate innovative solutions for the market and open a pathway to success which can benefit customers, the company and employees alike in compliance with industry, social, cultural and ethical criteria worldwide.

Global protection

Ingredients to keep you safe and looking good. The main mission of all Green Chemistry activities is protection: protection of the environment, protection of human beings and, as regards the cosmetic industry, protection of our body whilst enhancing its natural beauty.

Thanks to its natural Global Protection concept, Natura-Tec offers a range of ingredients ideally suited to help us meet the criteria of modern life on our planet.

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